Podcast #1 | New Technology | Bitcoin | My opinion on this topic

In recent weeks and months, I have often thought about producing a podcast series on the subject and sharing my thoughts with you. This is # 1 of this series.

Last night, when I finished my last meeting on social media and new technologies for this day, I watched a CNBC Report on Blockchain & Bitcoin.

In my opinion, you should seriously deal with Bitcoin and the related blockchain technology. Here is an industry that will change our lives forever.

When I first noticed Bitcoin at the beginning of 2015, the price of a BTC - just under quotes - was $ 280. From this point onwards, I have dealt intensively with the subject matter and must also confess that after 2.5 months of research, I had only really understood the significance of this technology and what changes are still to come. Currently, the BTC course has exceeded the $ 2500 mark.

There are numerous sources and sites on the Internet to inform you about like coindesk.com, cointelegraph.com and many others you can see which well-known investors invest in the infrastructure and provide venture capital.

Much more interesting are the global changes that this technology brings with it. Approximately 75% of the world's population currently has no access to the financial system, let alone an account, and therefore not economically viable. All that is needed to send and receive Bitcoin is a smartphone with Internet access which can be purchased in parts of Asia already by 10 $.

Similar to the Internet in the 90s. The Internet and the associated changes in global communication are now indispensable. 15 years ago, they were unthinkable. Smartphone, Facebook, etc ...

The current market capitalization of cryptos is more than 90,000,000,000 US $. The first time I noticed it was under $ 10 billion

Of course, we do not know what will happen in the next few years. The fact is, however, that a clear upward trend can be seen here. The Internet has completely changed the way we communicate today. This blockchain technology has the potential to change the way we think about money and how we deal with money completely. This is the reason why you should deal with it.

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